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Food Delivery like Uber Eats

We can build a local food delivery service platform like Uber Eats

We are able to build a responsive user app, a driver app, a backend for restaurant owners, and an admin dashboard for the platform owner.

We can utilise Stripe's automated split payments features so that when the customer pays, the platform can receive its commission, and the restaurant receives the rest.

If you want to build a web application similar to Uber Eats, Food Panda, Doordash, or Deliveroo then Rapid App Studio can help create this for you.

This is a reasonably complex application environment but it will give you an idea of what Rapid App Studio can create.


- Payment system

- Wishlist

- Split payments via Stripe

- Percentage-based & dollar-value coupons for customers

- Responsive design

- Admin dashboard

- User dashboards

- User app desktop & mobile

- Mobile-first design for the driver app

- Rating system.

Restaurant owner

- Signing up after platform admin approval

- Adding menu (categories)

- Adding meals (photos, description)

- Managing orders

- Adding coupons (percentage-based or flat discount)

- Communicating with the customers via chat

- Delivery history

- Adding Promos and Offers.

Cafe Gourmet - Uber eats ordering form

 Uber eats ordering form with items to order


- Hassle-free and fast registration

- Search dishes using advanced filters (open hours, distance, menu preferences)

- Adding meals to Favourites

- Adding food to the cart

- Placing orders

- Order status tracking

- Notifications when order status is updated

- Viewing Order History

- Tracking order status

- Rating the order

- Communicating with the restaurant via chat.

Uber eats ordering form list of restaurants

ordering from fitzroy cafe with what items they have

Delivery Drivers

- Signing up after platform (admin) approval

- Accepting orders for delivery

- Orders history

- Contacting support by sending a support ticket.

Platform (admin)

- Managing registration requests from restaurants and couriers (approve/reject)

- Setting platform commission

- Managing users (restaurant owners, couriers, customers)

- Tracking orders statuses

- A quick view of the orders, deliveries, and payments

- Managing orders

- Managing customer reviews

- Managing support tickets from couriers.

Depending on your budget, we can prioritise some functions and automation and further develop as required.

If you have an application idea - get in touch and we can have a discussion on how Rapid App Studio can bring it to life.


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